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Square Trade Goods Candles - City Bird

Square Trade Goods Candle

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These sleek and modern black glass candles from Square Trade Goods are Hand poured in Richmond, VA with ingredients that aremade in the U.S.A. Each candle 8oz. of all-natural coconut wax and has a 55 hour burn time.


  • Big sur - A mixture of Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk, Smoke and Sea Salt Air this candle evokes memories of driving down Highway 1 with the windows down. Breathing in the fresh ocean air mixed with the giant redwoods and campfires from the Big Sur Cabins. 
  • Campfire - Warm, smokey and sweet. Woodsmoke mixed with pine and cedar woods topped off by the subtle sweetness of amber.
  • Desert Sage - Dry, earthy desert sage bush with green, damp oakmoss.
  • Tobacco Black Pepper - The mellow woodsy scent of fresh cut tobacco leaves layered with spicy black pepper all on top of a clean base of vetiver.
  • Juniper Santal - Juniper Berry, Pinon, and Sandalwood. Crisp and refreshing. 
  • Roaring Pines - Heavy notes of fresh balsam and spruce, both sharp and invigorating.

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