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Cream Blends Body Butter - City Bird

Cream Blends Body Butter

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The rich ingredients in this amazing body butter, which include shea butter and all-natural coconut, almond, grapeseed and Vitamin E oils, create a lavish, super-moisturizing composition that is far more soothing than lotion. This incredible concoction must be felt to be believed—it will not only make your skin say “thank you,” but will help your sensitive skin retain moisture during hot summers and cold winters. Each jar contains six ounces of body butter. Made in Detroit. **LINE BREAK** **LINE BREAK** Scent notes: **LINE BREAK** **LINE BREAK**Mango is one of the most popular varieties of Cream Blends, with a fragrant smell of fresh fruit that makes it a hit all year. **LINE BREAK**Michigan Cedar, a City Bird favorite, provides a fresh, woodsy scent with a combination of Cedarwood Essential Oil and Grapefruit. **LINE BREAK**Oatmeal Honey provides a sweet scent with a hint of spice. **LINE BREAK**Citrus offers a fresh, crisp, and bright scent that is a refreshing reminder of summer all year long. **LINE BREAK**Lavender is infused with Lavender Essential Oil to help relax the body, making this scent great at night or after a shower or bath. **LINE BREAK**Vanilla provides a sweet, relaxing smell with just the right amount of Vanilla to create a warm atmosphere.

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